Kanemitsu Priority Initiatives

Eco-friendly Product Manufacturing

Because our manufacturing method is free of heat-adding or cutting metal chips, reducing energy consumption led us to make the best use of our important natural resources. This also led us to contribute to the environment with CO2 reduction as the result of enabling a reduction in weight of our conventional products. We fulfill our social responsibility as a manufacture through further improvement of our technologies and production process to provide eco-friendly products.

Cultivation of Human Resources

We pursue a variety of initiatives under our policy on promoting diversity to aim to realize a working environment that makes the most of diverse human resources without regard to nationality, age or gender. As one of our personnel systems, we have a unique program called “Global Staff Certification Program” of which main objective to foster human resources enabled to work and challenge in global bases affirmatively. This certified “Global Staff” who completed the program will be expected to help and resolve issues for overseas plants proactively. In addition, we especially commit to accepting those trainees or apprentices from our overseas locations such as Thai, China, and Indonesia. By painting a big picture of the future to contribute to those local-industrialization through establishing such a local corporation and its growth, we are working to foster individuals in a global perspective.

Contribution to Community

We contribute to community through participating in beautification activities and cooperating to events, and willingly build relationship with local students through plant tours as well. We would like to remain as an essential corporation for community by associating with them through above activities.

With being close to communities, one and only corporation for the local communities.