Unique roll-forming and press-molding technologies

Kanemitsu possesses unique processing technology comprising special pressing technology which other companies cannot match and roll-forming technology. The “roll-forming” technology, which emerged in 1960, is combined with our press technology cultivated over many years to form thin steel plates into complicated shapes.

Leveraging this technology has allowed us to develop boss-equipped integral pulleys from steel plates and steadily adopt our pulleys for car engines. This technology has also been applied to a whole range of products other than pulleys.


Roll-forming method (forming by rolling)

im_technology_03The roll-forming method involves (plastically) deforming a material by exposing it to laterally applied force while rotating the material.

The roll-forming method can form complicated shapes which the press-molding method cannot replicate and which enable exceptionally strong and durable products. This method also helps reduce the product weight and cost.
Based on our production policy “unique products by unique equipment,” our exclusive molding machines are dedicated to in-house development and production and not sold externally.


The “boss-equipped integral-molding technology”, on which we pride ourselves, has been widely used to produce engine parts (e.g. pulleys, sprockets and sensor plates), transmission parts (e.g. pistons) and safety equipment (e.g. airbag parts).

Processing examples