Protecting our unique technologies

Ever since our foundation, Kanemitsu has made technology its top priority in our mission statement and where necessary, has continued to apply for patents and utility rights in order to preserve our technological superiority both in Japan, and overseas where such measures are required. We are also promoting the further development of unique technologies through our workplace invention encouragement scheme.
In the years to come, we will ensure to comply with intellectual property laws and place more value on our own intellectual property, promoting the appropriate management of our intellectual property while also encouraging its strategic deployment through a dedicated department in order to reinforce/promote activities to ensure that Kanemitsu continues to hold its unique place in the market.


In-house development of primary machinery, including roll-forming equipment

Kanemitsu has always pursued a unique position in the market through a range of activities, continuing to design our own production facilities and enhance our products.
Based on our own unique ideas, we have developed a lot of our machinery in-house, including our original roll-forming machines, automatic feeder robots, presses, etc. in the pursuit of superior manufacturing.


Management framework based on original criteria

Pulleys form an essential part of power train mechanisms and failure in this product is inexcusable.
Through the development of a range of unique technologies, Kanemitsu has worked hard to maintain and further improve product quality.
Our range of pulleys are widely used in automobiles, agricultural machinery, and other general machinery and are built in to a large number of automobiles based on those technologies that guarantee absolute quality.
Not only do we guarantee absolute quality through our equipment and machinery, but also by ensuring that each and every employee involved in quality assurance has the necessary specialist knowledge and professional attitude to drive further built in quality.