Into the Future: Following the Dream of Manufacturing Together.

Working with ambition in an environment where it is easy for women to be active

Kyoka Zen
General Affairs and Human Resources
Group and Legal Group Leader,
General Affaires Department
Joined Kanemitsu in 2006.

 I entered a university in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan,
after learning Japanese in my home country (China) for 6 years. Since my research topic at graduate school was related to the motor industry, I received an introduction from a mentor at university who was also an outside director at Kanemitsu and joined the company after graduating. I am now a group leader with six subordinates, working mainly on operating general meetings of shareholders and calculating salaries, as well as handling and taking care of the trainees from overseas whom we receive each year.
The moments when my work feels most rewarding are those when I am at the center of realizing a project and the project succeeds. Gaining more knowledge about the investment environment which changes each year, while unifying a group of people who each have different personalities and different ways of working and leading them to achieve a single purpose is a difficult task, but because of the difficulty, it also brings a great sense of achievement. Not only my superiors, but also the President and members of the executive are always familiar figures who are easy to consult with and it is easy for me to have my opinion heard directly. This is another strength of Kanemitsu and another aspect of appeal for me, which otivates me in my work on a daily basis. As a mother of a 1-year-old, another aspect of the appealof General Affairs Kanemitsu is that the system and environment is in place to enable employees to work with strong ambition, and my own ambition is to become a core member of Kanemitsu in the future.

Enjoying selling the strengths of our Only-One technology and growing myself by meeting new people

Yuki Nakadan
Deputy Head,Kanto Sales Branch,Sales&
Purchasing Department
Joined Kanemitsu in 2008

 Kanemitsu’s Kanto Sales Branch (Omiya District,
Saitama Prefecture) exists to obtain customer opinions from automobile and automobile parts manufacturers in the Kanto area as quickly as possible, to enable us to rapidly and meticulously respond to them.
Necessarily, my role is to soak up various demands and requests from these existing customers, and in close coordination with other departments within the company, to provide products that can satisfy our customers and to achieve sales targets. But in addition to this, I am also currently focusing on developing new customers. It is enjoyable to be able to sell the strengths of Kanemitsu with confidence in our Only-One technologies and I proactively attend any events or exhibitions that might link to obtaining new orders.
I am also very lucky because in this way I get to meet new people on a day-to-day basis, with many opportunities to come into contact with new values and unique ways of thinking, which for me is probably the most appealing part of working in sales. In addition, I am currently taking an external training course, the Professional Salesman Training School, and this has led to various exchanges with people in different industries, as well as providing me with fresh stimulation to re-examine myself and my goals.

My job, in which even mistakes in 1 yen units are not allowed,suits my persistence

Masami Iwamoto
Accounting Group,Finance Department
Joined Kanemitsu in 2006

 I was looking for a job where I could use the qualifications
I gained while at high school (Official Business Skill Test in Bookkeeping 2nd Grade and Examination in Technical Ability of Data Processing 2nd Grade) and I wanted to work in Akashi City, where I was born and grew up. I received a letter of recommendation from my teacher and came to Kanemitsu. At the time, my parents knew the name Kanemitsu and had heard its reputation as a growing company, and they were delighted when I joined.
As soon as I joined, I became aware of how good the working environment was. Everyone, not just my managers, treated me very kindly and thanks to them I was quickly able to get used to the work.
I am currently engaged in accounting, which basically involves managing the flow of money within the company. Accuracy all the way down to 1 yen units is demanded of us, and it requires constant close attention, but it suits my persistence. I feel a sense of achievement and a sense of relief when I am able to complete the task I have been given within the deadline without making mistakes and when a financial report that I helped make is announced to the public, and my work feels very worthwhile. But my own goals still lie beyond this. I want to become a true professional like my superior, who is able to find problem areas in the data we have collected just by looking at it.

Taking on the challenge of developing new products,while enjoying the depth of manufacturing and without fearing making mistakes.

Masaki Nishioka
Prototype team,Design
& Development Group,
Product Development Department
Joined Kanemitsu 2006

 I had always loved cars, and my dream ever since
I was a child was to become a mechanic. However, when I actually tried working as one, the harsh working environment and low pay was more than I could stand, and unable to get used to it, I decided try a different path. When I was looking for a new job, my father who works at Kanemitsu, recommended that I try here, and thinking positively because at least I would be able to work making parts related to cars, I joined.
I am currently working with the six other members of the prototype team, testing various projects for customers every day, as the development of next-generation products proceeds at high pitch. I examine in detail the specifications demanded by customers and rack my brains over how to actually realize the critical conditions contained in these, while constantly experiencing both the enjoyment and difficulty of manufacturing.
In this way, by responding to various customer demands, one project at a time, Kanemitsu’s technology becomes known to more and more people, and feeling it becoming better-known makes my job feel worthwhile. I would like to be able to contribute to the creation of a new hit product in this way, through the accumulation of technology. It is not easy, but I would like to actively continue to take on new challenges, without fearing making mistakes, and with faith in the great sense of achievement that lies beyond.

The large number of two-generation employees bears witness to the good working environment: a warm corporate climate is alive here.

Nagisa Komizo
Team Leader,IR & Planning Group,
Management Planning Department
Joined kanemitsu in 2005

 I first heard the name “Kanemitsu” at a corporate briefing
session held while I was still at university. I had done some research in advance on the internet, searching for “manufacturing companies” and “companies with their own plant,” and Kanemitsu seemed to have a large share in its industry as well as a bright future. I visited Kanemitsu’s booth first. There, I was given a thorough explanation of Kanemitsu’s business, and I became very interested and finally ended up joining the company.
Upon joining Kanemitsu, I was surprised in a good sense at how the President and the company executives freely talk with employees and also at how many families there are with two or three generations of the same family working at Kanemitsu. Parents recommend Kanemitsu to their children, and their children trust them and join Kanemitsu. This creates a warm corporate climate that continues even today, with warm communication as if among family or friends.
Working in a corporate management-related department, I experience the closeness of top management with the rest of the company in my day-to-day work, and I am grateful to be able to conduct the important work of planning management strategies, all-company systems and events, in such a pleasant working environment. I have always been someone who loves work and when I can watch a plan that I have thought up myself from scratch becoming an actual company system, it feels just like my own child, and my work feels very worthwhile.

A workplace where I can enjoy working and exchanges with other departments.I want to master my work in this fulfilling working environment.

Yuto Goda
Kasai Equipment Group,
Equipent Department
Joined Kanemitsu in 2012

 I love cars, and just when I was thinking that
I wanted to join a company that manufactures car parts, a teacher at high school suggested Kanemitsu, and that was the trigger that led to me joining the company.
After I joined, I was put into the Equipment Department. This is a department that mainly maintains and repairs the machines used for making products, rather than making actual products. The workplace atmosphere is great and every year our superior invites us on a trip with people from other departments, and I enjoy my work every day. The work is fulfilling and feels worthwhile. For example, when I am all alone in the workplace and watch the line start to move again because of the machine that I have just fixed, I feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement that what I have done has put the system in order, and I feel very proud.
But at the same time, there are still lots of electric-related areas that I don’t fully understand yet, and I am still at the stage of listening to my managers and superiors and learning how to do the repairs in my day-to-day work. My current goal is to supplement this and become able to see the bigger picture. In the future, I would like to become the sort of person who can be left in charge of the Kasai Plant so I want to build up experience and master my work.