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The Next Stage in Evolving Only-One Technologies:
To Bring Further Value and Joy to the World

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  • January 2021
    Kasai 4th Plant was completed.
  • March 2021
    The Advanced Technology Development Section was newly established in the Kanemitsu Nagasaki Research Center site.

We have entranced a new fiscal year, with the impact of the social environment and lifestyle changes caused by the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by Covid-19 and sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders for your continued support.

Due to the temporary production cuts caused by the coronavirus outbreaks and the rapid shift to electric vehicles in the automobile industry, our business is being affected inevitably over the medium to long term. However, Kanemitsu will pursue the evolution with “Only-One” technologies, take on the challenge of new initiatives and transform our business structure into one that can realize further leaps in the future.

In this term, under the theme of “a company that can talk about tomorrow (the future)”, we focus on the achievement of the 8th medium-term business plan, which will be the final fiscal year ending in March 2023. In particular, we will put emphasis on ensuring profits from the next products (transmission parts, etc.), ensuring high profits from our main product pulleys, developing the next-generation products for tomorrow (the future) and transforming into a company filled with charm.

In addition, Kanemitsu is promoting the working-system reforms and the healthier workplace environment to realize “a company filled with charm”. Meanwhile, we are contributing to achieving the SDGs and pursuing sustainable growth.

Kanemitsu will keep making the utmost efforts to be the company needed by society more than ever.

We expect and appreciate your continued support for the future.

April 2021
President Toshiaki Kanemitsu