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  • June, 2020
    Akashi Plant has been demolished for clearing land for new purposes.
  • July, 2020
    RConstruction of Kasai 4th plant has started.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by Covid-19. We at Kanemitsu Corporation is committed to the safety of employees and all of our related parties, establishing necessary measures under the guidance of the government to prevent it from spreading further.

Kanemitsu has grown as a leader in manufacturing sheet metal pulleys for automobiles and agricultural machineries industries.

However, our business environment is set to undergo a dramatic shift under the circumstances that the global economic is recovering from the worldwide economic stagnation affected by Covid-19.

With following a visible change such as automobile electrification, we must create a new pillar business by developing next-generation products that leverage the “metal plate forming with solid fabrications technology” that we have built up through the manufacture of pulleys.

In April 2020 when Covid-19 was raging, our 8th medium-term business plan for three years started with the slogan being “a company that can talk about tomorrow (the future)” .

In this first year 2020 we accelerate development and its promotion of the next-generation products.

The components of a business with next-generation products are highy related to “xEV related parts”and “transmission parts”, both responding to the transformation of automotives as necessary, so that we improve our domestic production system of 3 plants followed by this business expansion.

With overseas businesses, we are securing the production after its drastic reduction and increase affected by Covid-19 pandemic, and working on to promote sales of the new products excepting pulleys. In our Thailand subsidiary, we increase the use of KAVS (Kanemitsu Analyze Virtual Simulation*) and its settlement of function as an overseas technological hub with aiming to expand orders for the next-generation products. *Computer simulation virtual trial system by Kanemitsu original methods.

In order to achieve these business activities, with commitment to compliance as the major axis, Kanemitsu are promoting diversity management with a workplace where employees can realize their work-life balance.

In addition to these activities, we aim to strengthen the management base through such a reformation of work style as to appropriately cope with a “new normal” after Covid-19 pandemic settled.

Kanemitsu keeps making the utmost efforts to be the company needed by society more than ever.

We humbly ask for your continuous support going forward.

President Kanemitsu Toshiaki