The Next Stage in Evolving Only-One Technologies:  To Bring Further Value and Joy to the World

Since its foundation, our company has grown as a leader in pulleys manufactured from steel plate, which are used in automobiles and agricultural machinery engines.
However, the business environment around us is currently undergoing major changes. With the changing of automobiles to EV becoming clearer, we must develop next-generation products which take full advantage of our “roll-forming technology” cultivated through pulleys, and create a new pillar for our business.

Under these conditions, with the last financial year’s 7th Mid-Term Management Plan (3-Year Plan) as the first year, we have been proceeding with a human resource organization reform aimed at reinforcing our design development and business strength in order to develop next-generation products and expand sales.

This financial year, the company as a whole will work on moving to achieve “consolidation of a safe and secure work environment,” “product quality assurance to support consumer confidence” and “development of next-generation products and expansion of sales” set in our company’s management plan.

In particular, nationally, we are working on the full scale operation of our second Nagasaki plant and the further strengthening of development functions for next-generation products, and overseas, on enlarging production capability through an expansion of the plant of our Chinese subsidiary and increasing profits in ASEAN and India business.
Also, in order to achieve the continued advance of our business performance, we will set a diversity plan and proceed with the consolidation of a workplace environment where diverse employees can work easily.

We will do our utmost as we aim to become a company that is more necessary to society than ever before.

We ask for your continuing support. We ask for your continuing support.

April 2018

Toshiaki Kanemitsu, CEO