The Next Stage in Evolving Only-One Technologies:  To Bring Further Value and Joy to the World

The Next Stage in Evolving Only-One Technologies:  To Bring Further Value and Joy to the World

Our company has continued to grow as the leading company in the production of steel plate pulleys used in engines for automobiles and agricultural machinery.

However, our business environment is set to undergo a dramatic shift. Now that the prospect of automobile electrification is starting to become much clearer, we must create a new pillar business by developing next-generation products that leverage the “metal plate forming with solid fabrications technology” that we have built up through the manufacture of pulleys.

In this situation, we will work during this fiscal year to formulate the main parts of the 8th medium-term business plan for the company, which will continue to the year ending in March 2023, and also to steadily develop and promote the sales of the next-generation products that will realize sustainable growth.
In specific terms, we will promote development and sales expansion for automotive parts such as “EV related parts,” “transmission parts” and “safety related parts” and also for parts for agricultural machinery and construction machinery.
We will also promote the creation of business synergy with Matsumoto Seikou Co., Ltd., which we acquired as a subsidiary last year. In our overseas business, we will expand our sales of pulleys in China, India and Indonesia, we will further establish the technical hub function for overseas bases we have in Thailand, which also includes for next-generation products, and we will also promote the expansion of sales of next-generation products.

We will also work based on thorough compliance and with the slogan of being “a company that can talk about tomorrow (the future).” We will promote working style reforms for childcare and nursing care support and for an active role for women and we will promote diversity management for the creation of workplaces where a diverse range of talented people can play an active role.

We are committed to continuing our efforts to become a company that is able to fulfill the needs of society even more so than now.

We would ask for your continuing support.

May 2019

Toshiaki Kanemitsu, CEO