The Next Stage in Evolving Only-One Technologies:  To Bring Further Value and Joy to the World

Our company celebrated its 70th anniversary of founding in Jan. 2017, and we have taken the next stride forward into the future with our 7th Mid-Term Management Plan (3-year plan) from April. I would like to make 2017 into a year that gives a taste of Kanemitsu’s next generation technology to come.
Since the founding of our company, our specific technology, “roll-forming” technology, has stimulated our growth into a leading company in pulleys manufactured from steel plate, which are used in automobiles and agricultural machinery engines.
However, the business environment is currently undergoing significant changes. The drive system of automobiles is changing from internal combustion engines to electric or battery and we must create a new central pillar of our business to replace pulleys. As top priority in our 7th Mid-Term Management Plan, based on the following three basic strategies, we are endeavoring to create the next-generation product to form the core of our new business, to follow on from pulleys as our main product.

1.Next-generation product development and sales expansion
2.Reorganization of our production regime
3.Reinforcement of our management platform

By treating the changes we face as opportunities, we will exert our utmost efforts to take on the challenge of a new business and become a company that is even more useful to and needed by society. We ask for your continuing support.

May 2017

Toshiaki Kanemitsu, CEO